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In order to improve the existing facilities within the available space, it is proposed to renovate the temple with certain modifications.

It would be interesting to note that the renovation works are being carried out under the expert guidance of Silpa Kalamani Sri S Subbaiah Sthapathy, Consulting Temple Architect & Sculptor approved by Govt. of Tamil Nadu and Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam. As ordained by His Holiness Pujya Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Sri Subbaiah Sthapathy, the Aasthana Sthapathy of Sri Sankara Mutt has accepted to undertake the construction of the new 72 feet high 5-tier Rajagopuram and all Shilpi works connected with the renovation.

Shri Krishnan Raajamani, Managing Trustee / Hony. Secretary being a Civil Engineer well experienced in the field of construction has taken up the task of planning, co-ordination, supervision and execution of the renovation works on voluntary and honorary  terms. 

Shri S. N. V. Ravi, Chief Architect, M/s Ravi Associates, a leading architect of repute and an ardent devotee of the temple, has come forward to extend his services for Preparation of Drawings on voluntary terms while Shri G.L. Narayana Reddy a post graduate in Engineering and Chief Structural Engineer of M/s Design & Engineering Consultants, a leading Structural Consultants in the twin cities along with his team is providing us the required technical support as his contribution.
The salient features of the renovation are given below:
1. Construction of a new 5 -Tier, 72 feet high Rajagopuram and development of front elevation.
2. GARBHALAYAMS : It is proposed to construct all Garbhalayams with  granite stones with ornamental carving according to Shilpa Sastras. The Vimanams for all Garbhalayams shall also be with ornamental carved granite stones. This shall be a unique feature of the Temple. 

3. Installation of a new modern 12 passengers lift at main entrance for elderly devotees.

4. Lowering of floor level in front of Sri Subrahmanyaswamy sannidhi to that of other areas in western side to maintain uniform level for better utility of available space and also facilitate Angapradakshinam.
5. Construction of New Garbhagrahams for all Deities with polished carved granite stones brought from Tiruchi in Tamil Nadu /  Rajasthan for redstones for Sri Jaya Durga Sannidhi.

6. Swarnabhandanam for all Deities.

7. Shifting of Sri Nataraja Sri Shanmuga and Navagraha sannidhis to the northern side.

8. Installation of a new Sayana Aalayam for Sri Subrahmanyaswamy.

9. Shifting of Sri Bhairavar & Idumbhar sannidhis.

10. Raising of Vimanams for all Sannidhis.

11. Shifting of Pakhasala to a lower level and installation of a stainless steel elevator to bring neyvedyams /prasadams to sannidhis and modernization of Pakhasala with facilities for more efficient packing of prasadams.

12. Extension of slab at floor level in front of Sri Subrahmanyaswamy sannidhi in line with kalyana mandapam.

13. Realignment of steps in both directions.

14. Roof slab in front of Sri Subrahmanyaswamy sannidhi covering the entire area including the stair case on both sides.

15. Roof slab at a raised level in all other areas.

16. Installation of a new Gold plated Dwajasthambham due to increase in height because of the lowered floor level.

17. Gold plating of all Sikara kalasams over all vimanams and Rajagopuram.

18. Providing CCTV / Electronic Surveillance systems and other security measures.

19. Solar lighting for energy saving measures.

20. Establishing a reference library exclusively for religious books.
21. Construction of a new Air conditioned Kalyana Mandapam in First Floor at the Northern Wing with large spans using post tensioning technique with all modern amenities including a 15 passengers lift for accomodating 700 persons.
22. Construction of a New Dining Hall in the Ground Floor in the Northern wing with a new modern kitchen with steam cooking facilities etc.
23. Construction of Staff Quarters for accomodating Priests, Mada Palli staff and other selected staff members responsible for effective functioing of the temple.  
24. Acquring the piece of open plot in the western portion behind Sri Jaya Durga sannidhi and construcion of a five storeyed complex for providing infrastructure facilities for the Temple including construction of a few flats for the Temple staff.
25. Construction of a RCC walled room for storage of a Gold Ratham proposed to be made in the near future after performing Swarnabhandhana Mahakumbhabhishekam on completion of civil works underatken presently.

26. Construction of a Welcome Arch.

27. Swarnabhandhana Punaruddharana Mahakumbhabhishekam to be performed on completion of renovation.
It is proposed to perform Koti Archana to Sri Subrahmanyaswamy, the presiding Deity, following the Mahakumbhabhishekam.

The renovation of the temple is estimated to cost Rs. 15.00 Crores. Devotees are requested to participate in large numbers and contribute liberally for this noble cause and receive the Divine Blessings.
Contributions are accepted for construction of Sri Subrahmanyaswamy Garbhalayam, Sri Jaya Durga Garbhalayam, Sri Varadarajaswamy Garbhalayam, Sri Bhairavar Garbhalayam. All Garbhalayams including the Vimanams shall be with ornamentally carved granite stones. This is a unique feature of this Temple particularly in the present times.
Specific contributions are alo accepted for the following :
    i.   Rs. 5,001/- (Rupees Five thousand one only) per square foot of construction.
    ii.  Rs. 12,000/- (Rupees Twelve thousand only) for each step on either direction.
     iii.  Rs. 12,000/- ( Rupees Twelve thousand only)  for each Sudhai Vigraham over Rajagopuram.
    iv.  Construction of Navagraham Garbhalayam with  highly polished granite stones in progress. 
Cheques may be drawn in favour of  Skandagiri Sri Subramanyaswamy Sanathana Dharma Trust - SSSD Renovation A/c.
Online contributions can be transferred directly to
Skandagiri Sri Subramanyaswamy Sanathana Dharma Trust -
SSSD Renovation A/c No. 0031 101 000 69718
Union Bank Of India,
Padmaraonagar Branch
Secunderabad 500 061
IFSC Code: UBIN0800317
Devotees offering online contributions are requested to ensure that intimation is sent to Temple Office with a snapshot of the transaction acknowledgement to with a copy marked to  the Managing Trustee / Hony.Secretary at his e-mail id

All contributions are accepted directly by the Temple Office only.

Please note that we have NOT AUTHORIZED any individual, agency or any organization to accept contributions on behalf of our Temple Administration.
Important Note : Cash donations are accepted and acknowledged at the Temple office counter only. Nobody is authorized to collect cash on behalf of the Temple Administration

All Master / Visa Credit / Debit cards are accepted for donations.
Contact Information:

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