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Important Note :

1)  Temple Renovation works in progress.  All garbhalayams with carved granite stones in progress.

2)  Devotees are requested to contribute generously towards this Altruistic and Noble cause.



In accordance with the Shilpa sashtras, Bela  Sthapana Pradhista … Garbha Nyasam … is highest order of Deity Pradhista. Lord Parameshwara , during His conversation with Sage Kashyapa says that HE resides in temples in HIS full Prasannam form, wherever the Deities are installed as prescribed in sashtras with Bela Sthapana Pradhista.

Hence, It is proposed to install all Deities in our temple strictly according to prescribed shastras for Bela Sthapanam.

A casket of approximate size 9 “ x 9 “ made of pure copper with nine compartments, is filled with nine sets of Navarathnas  in the assigned compartments… 1. Manikkam representing Sun in the central compartment,  2.  Pearls in South-East compartment representing Moon, 3. Red-coral in South compartment  representing Mars,   4.  Marakatham (Emerald) in North- East representing Mercury,       5. Yellow-sapphire (Pushyaragam) in North compartment representing Jupiter, 6. Diamond in East compartment representing  Venus,  7. Blue Sapphire (Neelam) in West compartment representing  Saturn, 8.  Hessonite (Gomedhikam) in South west compartment representing Rahu and  9.   Cat”s Eye (Vaiduryam)  in South west compartment representing  Kethu.

The above caskets will also be filled with inscription of 9 Bindhu Nada Mantram inscribed on silver sheets,    9 types  of earth obtained from different sources, 9 types of roots, 9 types of high quality grains, 9 types of  Dhatus, 9 types images of animals viz. tortoise, elephant, Eagle, crab, snake, , Lion, Vrishabham, etc.– inscribed on silver sheets, 9 types of metal viz. gold, silver, iron, brass, lead etc. 9 types of Parimala Dhravyam ,9 types of images of Astras i.e.  Pasham, Anguham, Trishoolam, Chakram etc. .. and others… aggregating to 92 numbers of various items.

The above casket shall be fixed beneath the Deities, and covered with a Gold Yantram.  The said casket would be in place for several centuries to come emanating positive vibrations 

We would be requiring 156 sets of navaratnas for Bela Sthapana in our temple.

Devotees who wish to contribute for Navarathnas can offer Rs. 10,000/- ( Rupees Ten thousand only) per set of high quality (diamond is of medium quality) .  Overseas Devotees can contribute in US Dollars or any foreign currency as we are registered under FCRA with Ministry of Home Affairs and are authorized to accept contribution in foreign currency.  

2.                   SWARNA YANTRAMS : As ordained by His Holiness Pujyasri Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, the Pontiff of our Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, under whom the temple is administered, it is decided to fix Gold Yantrams beneath all Deities, over the caskets mentioned above. The Gold Yantrams will be of size measured in multiples of Deva-angulam strictly in accordance with the prescriptions of Shilpa shastras. The inscription on Gold Yantrams will be  in Grantham script is being done by expert craftsman specially brought from South-India, under the expert guidance of the well known Brahmasri Dinakar Sharma, a renowned Shakthi Upaasagar from Kumbakonam, who are synonymous with making of yantrams for generations, as this requires a special skill and a deep knowledge on the subject matter. Shri Dinakar Sharma, being an Aasthana Pandit of Sri Matam, has been specially chosen and nominated by His Holiness for this purpose.

The Gold yantrams shall be installed in position on an auspicious day,  after performing Poojas for at least two mandalam i.e. 96 days in the format prescribed in Shilpa shastras before installation.


3.                   SWARNA BHANDANAM:   The Deities are fixed to the base known as Aadhara –Peetam usually by Ashta Bhandanam a special admixture prepared with 8 types of Mooligais  …This is an unique combination and requires expertise .. and are usually carried out by descendents from some particular families. The effective life of Ashta Bhandanam is usually 12 years and hence on of the reasons for recommending for performance of Kumbhabhshekam once in 12 years.

We propose to have Swarna Bhandanam  over the ashta Bhandanam  wherein molten gold is poured at the junction of base of Deities with the Aadhara Peetam and effectively seal the joints so that even a drop of water do not percolate into the foundation . The scriptures mentions that the Swarna Bhandanam increases the life span of the bond to nearly 100 years.


His Holiness Pujyasri Sri Paramacharya, who founded this temple in 1968, has ordained and used to focus on small contributions as He was particular that large number of devotees participate for such noble causes ... it is important for more and more devotees to participate so that Blessings of THE SUPREME ALMIGHTY GOD percolates to all families for several centuries to come.

Devotees who wish to participate in the making of Gold yantrams  and Swarna Bhandanam can contribute in form of Gold / cash / cheque can contact our temple office who would be glad to of assist.  On-line transfer can also be effected to the account number mentioned hereunder.  SSSD Renovation A/c. 0031 101 000 69718. Andhra Bank, Padmaraonagar branch, Secunderabad-61, IFSC code ANDB 0000031


Overseas Devotees, who would like to participate in this holy and altruistic cause can send their contribution in US Dollars or any foreign currency, to our FCRA Account No. 003110100111589                      as we are registered under FCRA with Ministry of Home Affairs and are authorized to accept contribution in foreign currency.